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10 best approaches to glassware hire in London for an elevated ambience

Delve into London’s premier glass hire solutions. This article highlights 10 expert approaches to elevate your event’s ambience, ensuring a sophisticated touch when it comes to glassware hire in London that resonates with guests, all while prioritising quality and style.

glass hire in london

When it comes to dining events and bar events in London, there’s always a need for glass hire in large quantities. As a result, glassware hire in London is always in high demand from our London hub here at easyEventhire.

But what should you look for, in order to create the fabulous event you are striving for when it comes to glassware rental for events in London.

Here’s our top 10 best approaches to glassware hire in London, for when the time comes!

Dare to be different

With the sheer volume of events that take place in London throughout the year, it stands to reason that wine glasses and champagne flutes will be the most popular – and this is indeed the case. However, when we say dare to be different, we mean that wine does not HAVE to be served in a traditional wine glass style. Why not serve it in stemless wine glasses, for instance, which offer a modern twist. Or, when it comes to Champagne, who is to say that it has to be served in a Champagne flute? How about checking out champagne glass hire in London as an alternative, for instance!

Work local

It’s always going to be better for you to work with a London glassware hire company for events in the city, rather than one that is miles away, from both a cost and convenience perspective. When it comes to glassware hire in London, the further away you are from the hire company, the more your transport costs are likely to be. And, as they say, every little helps when it comes to event budgets!

Defining your audience will define your glass hire requirements

Spend some time defining your event and the type of guests you are expecting. If it’s a cocktail party, then cocktail glass hire is the order of the day, whereas if it’s a youngsters-orientated event, then you might need shot glass hire and other speciality glassware. Ultimately, your event type will define your glassware, both in terms of style and quantities.

Glassware hire in London does not have to be expensive

Not everything in London is expensive, and glassware hire is one example of this. You can hire glassware in London for affordable prices, which certainly beats buying it! easyEventhire, for instance, has the complete range of glassware rental at competitive rates, so why not take advantage of this.

Price shouldn’t always be the main consideration

When it comes to glassware rental and other tableware for events, price should not be your main consideration. Tableware is seen by your guests up close and personal, and so any chips, blemishes, scratches or lipstick marks will be immediately noticed. You need to ensure that you choose a London glassware hire company that is able to provide you with a quality service, from both a product and reliability of service point of view. The last thing you need in the run-up to your busy event is receiving glassware which is dirty, incomplete or simply wrong.

Source all your London glassware hire from the same supplier

Hire companies have different stock. However, if you are able to source everything you need from the same supplier, this is going to pay dividends when it comes to minimising your cost of hire. Multiple orders with multiple suppliers means multiple transport charges, which is the last thing you need!

It’s not just about wine glasses and Champagne flutes

We’ve touched on this already when we say that today’s glass hire London market is much more than just wine glasses and champagne flutes. From cocktail glasses, abeille glasses, Martini glasses, gin and tonic balloons and so on – the list is endless. There really is glassware to hire for every eventuality and setting.

Work with reputable suppliers

Reputation is key when it comes to suppliers in any walk of life, not just glassware. We would of course say that reputation is important, with us being part of the easy family of brands. Suffice to say that you know what you are getting when you hire glassware in London from our team.

Large volumes shouldn’t pose a problem

The biggest event hire companies have the largest ranges in terms of styles and also quantities. You will, no doubt, want matching glassware on your event tables, and so work with a supplier who has these large volumes in all the ranges you want. The best glassware hire company in London is, of course, easyEventhire, but others are available!

Order early, especially for peak seasons!

And finally, we say this about all our product types here at easyEventhire – always order early wherever possible, especially at peak season. Why? Because it’s much easier for our sales team to tinker with your existing order nearer the time, rather than you leaving it until the last minute to order, at which point you run a serious risk of being disappointed, and that’s the list thing we want!

So, when the time comes for you to rent event glassware in London, don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order online with the team at easyEventhire. Our mission is to provide you with a simple, affordable and hassle-free glassware rental experience across London and, indeed, across the UK. We very much look forward to hearing from you soon.