When planning an event, choosing the right catering equipment is crucial to its success. This article will provide tips on how to choose the best catering equipment for hire for your event, as well as the benefits of hiring rather than buying equipment.

catering equipment for hire

With most events needing some form of catering, it will come as no surprise to learn that catering equipment for hire is one of the most popular sectors of our offering here at easyEventhire.

Whether it’s a formal sit-down meal for hundreds of black-tie guests, an informal canape reception for an awards ceremony or a buffet serving at a wedding, the catering is one of the most important elements of your event. Ge it right, and your guests will most certainly be talking about it. Get it wrong, and they will also be talking about it…but for all the wrong reasons!

The world of professional catering is a competitive one, with lots of companies all vying for those lucrative contracts. And, for larger events, these companies often need to hire catering equipment to supplement their existing stock levels, or maybe if they need some different catering equipment hire types to service a specific event’s catering needs.

Catering equipment hire prices in the UK, it has to be said, are relatively affordable, and there are a number of supplier options available, of which easyEventhire is, of course, one. Let’s have a look at some tips for catering equipment rental, which will help you when the time comes, which will ultimately contribute to making your event a success.

Quality & quantity is important!

As well as choosing the right type of catering equipment, whether it’s a commercial deep ft fryer, a turbofan electric oven or other industrial catering equipment hire, you also need to ensure that your supplier is able to supply the quantities you need. After all, some catering events are big-scale. Instead of a couple of temporary ovens, you’ll need multiples. Instead of a small fridge in the kitchen, you’ll need a towable trailer fridge – you get the idea.

The last thing you want to be doing is having to rent catering equipment from different locations, and so the company you choose should be able to offer you the quantities you need.

And let’s not forget the quality. OK, so these are hire items, not brand new, so they are likely to have a few blemishes on them. However, there is no excuse for not working in the first place. The best catering rental suppliers will ensure that their equipment for catering is regularly either PAT or LPG tested, depending upon whether it is powered by electricity or gas.

Work with a trusted supplier

We’ve kind of touched on this already, but suffice to say that you will want to work with a trusted supplier. The last thing you need in the lead up to a busy catering event is to be worrying about where your catering equipment hire products are, and if they are going to arrive in the right quantities and at the right time. Ask around the industry to see who does this best. Your fellow industry professionals will have their own preferences, and it’s likely that easyEventhire will be one of these!

Work with a local event catering equipment hire company

And finally, we would always advise to work with a local catering equipment hire company, and by local, we mean local to the event or venue that you are catering for. This is because the closer the hire company to your event, the cheaper the transport costs are likely to be, and we all have budgets to work to, right? Additionally, if there is a problem of any kind (let’s face it, not everything goes according to plan all the time!), then a local company will be able to provide you with the proactive service you need.

With easyEventhire’s regional hubs, we can provide caterers with a local service from a national company. It also means that we travel fewer miles than our competitors, helping to minimise the impact on the environment of our operations.

So, when the time comes for you to source catering equipment, always look to hire instead of buy, and then follow the above tips. By doing this, you will ultimately save time, money and effort. And when that time comes, don’t hesitate to browse the website here at easyEventhire, where you can place your secure order 24/7 online, safe in the knowledge that you are putting your faith in the hands of the experts!