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gas patio heater hire near me

‘Tis the Christmas party season, and even though there’s lots of doom and gloom around at the moment, hopefully you manage to enjoy some festive cheer over the Christmas and New Year period.

Christmas parties are a great chance to let your hair down. Of course, typically, a Christmas party is held for you and your work colleagues – a chance to spend some time with these people out of the office, and enjoy a drink and a social chat.

There are thousands of Christmas parties that take place each year, of all types and sizes, from small gatherings through to big arena Christmas parties, often catering for thousands of covers each night in the run-up to Christmas. These events are always eagerly anticipated, and help to get the festive season off to a great start!

Of course, at this time of year, the vast majority of us prefer to be in the warm indoors, enjoying a glass a wine or port. However, that’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a Christmas party outdoors, especially if it’s set up well. Indeed, if you cast your mind back to New Year’s Eve 2021, it was an extremely mild evening.

The Christmas party season

Roof gardens and terraces provide great party venues both in the summer and in the winter, providing a natural extension for your indoor space. If you’re holding a Christmas party which involves this outdoor space, though, you need to make sure it is both protected from the elements, and warm! Of course, most people will obviously wrap up warm if they know they are going to an outdoor party…

And this is where patio heaters come into their own. A patio heater is a freestanding unit, either powered by electricity or patio gas, which provides warmth to a radius of about 3 metres around it. Your choice of patio heater, though, is an important one. Check Google out for ‘gas patio heater hire near me’ and you’ll be presented with a range of options.

For a start, for your outdoor event, your garden patio heater needs to be a gas-powered one. This is because you can’t have an electrical appliance open to moisture and the elements. The gas cylinder will sit inside the unit, and will provide the flame which provides not only the warmth, but also a nice look.

From a single 11 kg patio gas cylinder, you can normally get around 6 hours run time from a gas patio heater, at full temperature. Patio heaters also have adjustable control, and so obviously if you reduce the temperature you want, then you’ll get a longer burn time.

Find gas patio heater hire near me

Here at easyEventhire, we offer a couple of choices when it comes to outdoor patio heater hire – our pyramid patio heater and our smaller Paris patio heater, both of which provide you with a great patio heater solution for your outdoor Christmas party. Simply Google ‘gas patio heater hire near me‘ and you’ll find us! And, rest assured, that you can also buy the patio gas you need as an additional extra.

In fact, patio heater hire London is just a small part of the equipment hire range available here online at easyEventhire, which also includes event furniture hire, catering equipment hire and much more at affordable prices, nationwide.

So, let’s hope that you enjoy the party season this year and, above all else, keep warm!