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How far in advance should I book cutlery for a big party?

Check out this blog from the easyEventhire team about how far in advance should you book your party cutlery hire items.

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If you’re reading this article, then the chances are that you are a big event planner, looking around for hire equipment for your next big party.

And isn’t the list extensive! Depending upon what type of event it is, you could be looking to hire tables and chairs, catering equipment, tableware such as crockery, party cutlery hire and party glassware hire, and maybe even rent a dance floor and mobile event bar. Big events and parties call for big numbers of hire equipment!

And it’s with this in mind that today we’re looking at party cutlery hire, and how far in advance should you book it.

Before we go any further, to answer this question is simple. The answer – plain and simple – is “as far in advance as possible”! But why is this?


We’ve already established that big events need big number of cutlery. Just think – a party for 1,000 people will need 1,000 dinner knives and forks, 1,000 starter knives and forks, 1,000 dessert knives and forks, possibly 1,000 dessert spoons and even 1,00 teaspoons.

Style of party cutlery hire

Today’s market when it comes to party cutlery hire is diverse. No longer do we live in a world of just being able to hire stainless steel cutlery. Yes, of course, this is still possible, and there’s certainly a demand for this type of affordable cutlery in large numbers. However, why not choose gold cutlery party hire, bringing a different dimension.

OK, so this might cost you a little more to hire than standard cutlery for events, but most event planners will tell you that it’s definitely worth it, especially for luxury events and corporate parties. You can find gold cutlery, for instance, with us right here online at easyEventhire, available in large numbers.

Time of year

The time of year in the event hire industry plays a huge role in you being able to order cutlery and other equipment at short notice. The industry experiences peaks throughout the year, where demand is immense, such as in the summer months – for indoor and outdoor weddings and events – and at Christmas, for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

If you’re looking for last minute ordering during these peak periods, then the chances are that you will be out of luck, as your rival event planners at other companies will have got in there before you. Some book months ahead – after they realise that it’s always easier to place an order well in advance and tweak numbers nearer the time, rather than leave everything until the last minute. In the quieter times, though, you’ve got half a chance of a short-notice order being successful.

Here at easyEventhire, we will always try to help you out, whatever your circumstances. Suffice to say, though, that it’s always better to order well in advance!

So, to answer the question about how far in advance you should book event cutlery and other equipment such as glassware hire, crockery hire, plate and cutlery hire and more, the answer is as far in advance as possible, even though we realise that this sometimes just isn’t possible.

Here at easyEventhire, our team understands this, and is here to provide you with a seamless, affordable and hassle-free hire experience. Whatever you need, don’t hesitate to browse our complete range of equipment rental for events online and place your secure order 24/7 – we’ll be delighted to assist you if we possibly can!