The 7 best wedding chair hire styles for your big day

Check out this article about chair hire nationwide, and which events call for which chair types!

Read today’s blog about the different styles of wedding chair hire available in today’s UK market.

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You’ve probably spent months (sometimes years!) planning your big day, so you want to make doubly sure that everything is as it should be – attention to detail is all important! You could be forgiven, of course, for not paying much attention to the type of wedding chair hire that will be used at your venue, as the chances are that these will have been included in the wedding venue package you signed up to. However, do make sure in advance that you are happy with the style, colour and condition of the chairs they are proposing to use, as they may not hit the standard you want!

If you are looking to hire wedding chairs, then there are a number of different styles available around the country which will fit the bill. There are plenty of chair hire companies – of which easyEventhire is one, of course – and so you’ll probably be spoilt for choice!

Chiavari chairs

Without doubt, Chiavari chairs provide the ultimate wedding chair the country – and the world – over! This is the chair style that you find in on Instagram and in glossy wedding magazines. Characterised by its mix of vertical and horizontal batons on the back of the chair, you can usually hire it with your choice of seat pad colour, providing you with great options to tie in the colour of your chairs with your wedding decor. Further still, there’s a whole range of different coloured chair frames available, from limewash Chiavari chair hire through to black, natural wood, gold Chiavari chair hire, transparent ghost chairs and many others. There’s a word of choice out there, and wedding chair hire has never been easier!

Cross back wedding chair hire

Another type of chair for weddings and dining events is the cross back chair. You’ll typically find this type of chair made in a natural wood, light oak or dark oak wood, and again you can normally choose your seat pad colour to go with the chair. As their name would suggest, these wedding chairs have cross backed slats, with an open back which is great for accessorising with flowers, sashes and bows, for instance – whatever you fancy!

Napoleon chairs

Often called ‘Cheltenham chairs’, Napoleon chairs are another type of dining chair that can, therefore, be used at your wedding reception party as well as for the wedding ceremony itself. They are, again, available in different colours including gold, black, natural wood and others, and – once again – you can choose your seat pad colour. Much is down to individual preference whether you choose to hire Chiavari chairs or Napoleon chairs – either are great!

Banquo chairs

Let’s assume for a moment that you’re actually not going down the route of a classic, country wedding, and that you’re holding your wedding in an ultra-chic city centre hotel, for example. Maybe the classic Chiavari chair is not going to fit the bill in this instance, and so why not check out our Banquo chairs. These are transparent and made in polycarbonate. The see-through nature of these chairs means that they lend themselves perfectly to modern, high end, contemporary weddings and events – well worth a shout!

Folding chairs

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, then folding chairs might be the order of the day. These chairs fall into the ‘most affordable’ bracket when it comes to wedding chair hire, and you get what you pay for. They are not padded, not are they particularly attractive chairs to look out. However, there’s nothing stopping you accessorising these chairs with bows and ribbons, for instance, which can also be done at a reasonable price.

Hardwood chairs

And let’s not forget that some couples will be having an outdoor wedding. If this is the case, then hardwood chairs are a great option. They are weatherproof and robust. In terms of numbers that you need, you could use them for the ceremony itself and then simply use the same chairs around some hardwood patio tables for the party itself. Outdoor weddings can be magical…assuming you get the weather, of course!

White patio chairs

And finally, and still on the subject of outdoor weddings, white plastic patio chairs serve a purpose, and again, are great if you’re trying to organise a wedding on a budget. Clean, crisp and easy to store and layout, these chairs are multi-functional and can be used for the whole day.

Wedding chair hire, therefore, doesn’t always have to be about glitz and glamour – they are just chairs after all. We all have budgets to work to, and so – suffice to say – that there is a wedding chair for everyone.

How best to hire wedding chairs? Well, a great starting point is to search for event chair hire near you on Google, for example, and research the options. Of course, we’d like to think that the team here at easyEventhire will be able to provide you with all the event furniture hire and more that you need, so don’t hesitate to get in contact – we very much look forward to working with you!

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