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The best 5 patio heaters for a 2022 outdoor Christmas party

Read more about patio heater hire and which to look for, for your 2022 Christmas party event outdoors!

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Christmas is a great time for most, but we all know that for some, it can be a really difficult time, especially with the cost of living crisis, and other factors that seem to be conspiring against us.

So, if you’ve been invited to a Christmas party this year, we hope that you enjoy it to its max, helping to set the tone for an enjoyable festive period.

And, if it’s an outdoors Christmas party, then wrap up warm. As you will no doubt know, December often brings with it freezing temperatures, snow and ice, so – for many – the last thing you want to be doing is standing around outside in the cold at a Christmas party….unless it is well kitted out with the right equipment.

After all, yes, the air might have a chill, but is there anything better than enjoying a glass of warm mulled wine and a mince pie with the snowflakes falling around your head? This might be wishful thinking, but there’s certainly nothing stopping enjoying some time outside at your Christmas party, especially if the organiser has sensibly invested in patio heater hire for the occasion.

Patio heater hire is essential!

The title of this article is the best 5 patio heaters for a 2022 outdoor Christmas party. However, we’d suggest that there is only one patio heater that sits above all others when it comes to this type of cold, outdoor event, and that is the pyramid patio heater, that you will find available to hire right here online at easyEventhire. Really, in our opinion, patio heater hire London doesn’t come any better than this.

As its name would suggest, the pyramid patio heater is pyramid in shape, and stands around 6ft tall. The base houses the gas cylinder, and the top half has a cylindrical glass tube which houses the real flame. For safety reasons, this glass tube is housed within a wire case, so people can’t touch it.

Why do we love this patio heater so much? Well, because it’s easy to operate, efficient, provides warmth to within a radius of approx 3 metres, and also has the real flame which looks warm and inviting, especially on a cold evening.

From a single 11 kg patio gas cylinder, you can expect a run time of around 6 hours if the patio heater is set at maximum temperature. Reduce the temperature output, and you’ll get longer.

A Google search for ‘gas patio heater hire near me’ will provide you with a number of options, but few can compete with this pyramid patio heater. Of course, it’s vital that you get your outdoor patio heater hire right for your outdoor event, so you should definitely take our advice!

Check out easyEventhire online this Christmas

So, for your upcoming Christmas party event, where you are planning to have an area outdoors, don’t hesitate to search for ‘patio heater hire near me’, click on easyEventhire and take a look at what we can offer you.

With nationwide distribution, our team is here to provide you with a seamless hire experience from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to browse our range online and place your secure order 24/7, and place your faith in the hands of the experts.

We very much look forward to working with you on your upcoming event or occasion!