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Top 10 tips to hire a cocktail bar for a festival or a corporate event

Check out today’s blog from the easyEventhire team with some mobile bar hire top tips, which will ultimately save you time, money & effort!

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If you’re in the midst of event planning, you’ve probably already thought about the fact you need a bar – after all, almost any event, whether it’s a festival, corporate event, wedding, gala dinner or any other indoor event or outdoor event, needs a bar! Mobile bar hire provides a focal point for the evening entertainment, a place where your guests will gather to chat, mingle, socialise and network. Time and effort thinking about your bar and bar area will go a long way in determining the success of your evening event, and so invest a little now, to reap the rewards later.

Below, we provide you with our top 10 tips when you come to hire a cocktail bar for an event. And, hopefully, when the time comes, these tips will ultimately save you some time, money and effort.

Not all bars are the same!

First and foremost, when you come to rent a cocktail bar, it’s worth considering that not all bars are the same. If you want to see what we mean, just do a Google search for ‘event bar hire near me’ and it will provide you with a whole host of options when it comes to temporary event bar rentals.

Anything from modern ZIP bars through to traditional ale-house mahogany bars, and LED bars through to pop-up bars, the list is almost endless of event bar types. Depending upon the look and feel of your event, decide on the most suitable and work on that basis.

Dry hire or licensed mobile bar hire?

You also need to consider whether you want to dry-hire the event bars or go for a licensed mobile bar provider. Dry hire means that you are simply hiring the bar units themselves. However, in order to sell alcohol at your event, you would need a temporary event licence if this was the route you were going down.

Alternatively, you could employ the services of a bar operator who can provide you with the complete solution, including not only the portable bar itself, but also the drinks, the staff and even the licence.

Go modular

If you decide to dry hire the bar units, then you’ll notice that the vast majority – if not all – portable bars for hire are of a modular type. This means that each unit is of a manageable size, which fit together with other units of the same type, so that you can create a bar of the size you need.

Some bars, such as the cocktail ZIP bar at easyEventhire, for instance, have modular units of different kinds – straight and curved sections, which enable you to create either straight line bars, oval bars or even fully circular event bars, and also low counter units and corner units so that you can also create right-angled bars along with having your cash till or coffee machine integrated into the bar. Flexibility such as this counts for a lot when you are deciding on the best event bar for you.


The positioning of your mobile cocktail bar hire in your venue is extremely important. You might want a straight line bar for a smaller event or, for a large event, why not hire a circular bar that sits in the middle of the venue, enabling guests to access it from all sides. And remember, your bar units will need to be sitting on a hard, flat surface.

Size IS important

W’hen it comes to mobile bar hire for events, size is definitely important. The last thing you want is disgruntled guests who are spending a large proportion of their evening queueing at the bar for a drink. Make sure the rental bar you choose is of a suitable size for the number of guests you are expecting…and make sure it is staffed with the right number of people, so that they can provide a fast, efficient and effective service.

Be careful with beer pumps

If you are planning to serve draught beers, lagers and ciders, for example, you’ll probably want beer pumps attached to your bar units. DO NOT start drilling! Use G-clamp beer pumps only, otherwise you run the risk of damaging the portable bar hire units themselves and, therefore, having to pay out to replace the complete unit.

Choose delivery rather than self-collection!

Many bar hire companies such as easyEventhire, for instance, offer a delivery and collection service for an additional fee – something that is particularly useful for bulky and heavy bar units. Believe us, the extra little cost will be money well spent by you!

Work with a trusted supplier for your mobile bar hire

And, talking of easyEventhire, you can count on us to provide you with a seamless hire experience from start to finish. You want to choose a mobile bar rental company who delivers what you have ordered, to the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantities. You can count on our team!

Paying for set-up might be money well spent

We’ve already mentioned money well spent on transport, but how about also investing a little more in having your bar set up, especially when it comes to modern cocktail bars such as our ZIP bar. This actually comes in flight cases, and it’s certainly worth the additional set-up cost as this can sometimes take a few hours, especially for large event bars!

Don’t forget fridges & bar accessories

And finally, at the same time as hiring a bar, don’t forget that you should also be considering hiring fridges, ice buckets, glassware, trays, glass washers and other bar equipment and accessories. Only by hiring equipment such as this will your bar work effectively at your busy event. Don’t scrimp and save on these ‘minor’ products – they will definitely be used!

Hopefully these tips will help you when the time comes to hire a mobile event bar and, when that happens, we’d hope that you’d check out the complete range of event bar rental here online at easyEventhire. Our mission is to keep life simple, affordable and hassle-free, so don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order today with the experts – you won’t be disappointed!