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Top 5 tips for selecting the perfect wine glass hire for your event

Discover the essential guidelines for choosing the ideal wine glass hire for your event with our top 5 tips. Learn how to match glassware to the style, theme, and scale of your occasion, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and practicality. This article will guide you through making informed decisions to enhance the overall experience of your guests with the perfect glassware selection.

wine glass hire

Especially at peak times of the year, the demand for glassware hire across the UK is immense. From celebratory occasions such as weddings, anniversary and birthday parties and toasting your company’s success across the year just gone, through to gala dinners, award ceremonies and many more, lots of these need wine glass hire in large numbers. If you are planning an event such as this, therefore, a simple Google search for ‘glassware hire near me’ is going to provide you with the results you need.


Because the chances are that easyEventhire is going to show up at the top of your results page. We have over 250,000 items of glassware for hire nationwide, meaning that we are able to service large volume events at the same time, wherever they might be. The hire of wine glasses, to be honest, has never been simpler or more affordable.

But when it comes to wine glass hire and others, what are our top 5 tips in regard to what you should look for?

Define your event

The nature of your event will determine what you need. If it’s a formal dining event, then you’re probably going to need white wine glass hire, red wine glass hire and Champagne flute hire. By the same token, if it’s just a celebration occasion, then Champagne flutes may be all that is required, perhaps alongside some tumblers and other bar glasses. The type of event – and the number of guests you are expecting – will determine what you need. Based on this, hire what you need, not over or under in quantities.

Look for a company that has the complete range

The last thing you want is to be having to hire in different event glassware from different suppliers. Not only does this make like unnecessarily uncomplicated, but it also means that you will have to pay multiple transport charges. Working with a single supplier for everything will always be your best solution, so hire glassware and more from a company such as easyEventhire.

Check the quality of your wine glass hire

When it comes to event glassware rental and other tableware hire, it’s imperative that the quality is there, because your guests are going to be using and seeing your tableware up close. There’s nothing worse than getting a drink in a glass with lipstick marks on, or a glass that is really worn and scratched. The best glassware hire companies in the UK realise this, and are constantly upgrading and replenishing their stocks of wine glasses to ensure that a high standard is maintained for all jobs.

Work locally with a reliable supplier

It’s always a good idea to work locally with a reputable supplier. Not only will they be able to provide you with a faster, more efficient service (things don’t always go to plan, do they?), but it will also be cheaper from a transport point of view. Put simply, the closer you are to your hire company, the cheaper the transport rate will be. Also, in terms of reliability, the last thing you need in the run-up to your busy event is to be worrying about whether your glassware is going to arrive on time, in the right place and in the right quantities. Trust and confidence is everything!

Be able to send back dirty

At the end of a busy event or service, you probably don’t want to be fussed with washing up hundreds of glasses, ready to send back to your hire company of choice. The best glassware hire companies will offer a return dirty service, where you can pay a small additional fee for sending the glasses back in a used state. This saves you time and effort, and is often very much welcomed!

So, these are our top 5 tips when it comes to renting event glassware in large numbers. Of course, when the time comes for you to hire wine and Champagne flutes, we’d like to think that these will come in handy and, ultimately, you will choose to hire from easyEventhire.

Don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order online 24/7 for your wine glass hire nationwide. Our team is here to provide you with a fast, efficient and reliable service in regard to glassware and other event equipment hire, so why not put your faith in the hands of the experts today!