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Top 6 reasons why a mobile bar will make your party memorable

Read more in today’s blog from easyEventhire about why mobile bar hire is so important for parties, of any size.

mobile bar hire

It goes without saying that mobile bar hire is one of the most popular product ranges when it comes to party equipment hire. After all, most parties will involve the serving of drinks, and having a proper bar helps to create the right ambience.

Of course, the venue that you have chosen to hold your event may already have a bar in-situ and, if this is the case, then all well and good. However, many arenas and large event spaces don’t have bars in place, and if this is the route you are going down with your event planning, then now is the time to start considering what you are going to do about your mobile bar hire.

Mobile bar hire companies such as easyEventhire, for instance, provide a range of different bar styles to suit all occasions. After all, it’s definitely NOT the case that one style of bar suits every event. And, at the same time, our bar units are modular, meaning that you can fit them together to create a temporary bar of the size and shape you need.

But why does a mobile bar make your party memorable? Let’s have a look…

The bar is the focal point for your party

Without doubt, the bar provides the focal point for your party. It is where your guests will congregate upon arrival, to enjoy a drink with colleagues, friends and family. They will network, socialise and let their hair down, and so not only is the bar itself the focal point, but also the bar area around it needs some consideration. What about hiring poseur tables and bar stools, and position these near the bar, so that people can take a seat and have a drink.

Alternatively, why not go the whole hog and hire sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and other lounge furniture and party hire equipment to kit out your bar area with comfort in mind.

You can provide a wide range of drinks

Remember, not everyone drinks lager, ale, cider or Guinness. And, whilst these might be the drinks on tap that you are offering, it’s important that you offer a wider range of drinks at your party, including wines, fizz, spirits and soft drinks, catering for all. With this in mind, your bar will need to be well stocked with a variety of brands, and you could also hire a matching back bar to go with your bar units.

The ZIP bar at easyEventhire, for instance, has a matching back bar on which you can place spirits in optics, shelves of glassware, and other products that you want to push through impulse sales – shots are a great example of this!

It will fit your budget

We’ve already mentioned that most temporary event bars are modular. This means that you can hire the bar of the size you need. For small events, you can hire just one or two units, whilst for larger events, you will need a lot more. Remember – the last thing guests want to be doing at your party is queueing for a long term to get served at the bar. Everyone has a budget, and this includes party planners, so hire the bar that is within your budget, based on ticket sales.

You can brand it

If we’re talking about a corporate party, then a lot of temporary bars offer you the opportunity to brand them with your corporate logo or message. If it’s an anniversary of your company, then put the number of years since it was established on the front, along with the logo – anything and everything is possible.

Branding is normally done by using a low-tack vinyl adhesive on the front of the unit. Many mobile bar hire companies will be able to do this for you for a small additional fee. You can do it yourself, though take care to use the correct material, as anything else will potentially damage the unit when you remove it, and you could then be liable for the replacement cost of the bar unit.

Bar staff can bring energy

The best staff can bring lots of energy to your party, especially cocktail bartenders, for instance. Energy is all important at all stages of your party, and so if you can, hire the best!

You can concentrate on other things!

And, to make things even more memorable at your party, you can concentrate on the little things that will make a big difference – something that you wouldn’t be able to do had you not hired a bar. Hiring an event bar, means that you can be confident that your guests will be well catered for. It really should be one of the first items on your corporate or birthday party equipment hire list.

So, when you are event planning, we’d like to think that you’ll check out the range of mobile event bars right here online at easyEventhire. We have bars for indoor and outdoor events, along with a whole host of other hire equipment in the UK. For outdoor events, simply Google ‘garden party equipment hire near me‘, and you’ll find us.

Don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order 24/7 with the team here at easyEventhire – we’re here to keep life simple, affordable and hassle-free, and we will welcome the opportunity to work with you. We very much look forward to hearing from you soon!