Top tips for when choosing event chair hire

Today’s blog from easyEventhire provides some tips for you when the time comes to choose event chair hire for your upcoming event or occasion.

event chair hire

Without doubt, chairs are one of the most sought-after product lines in the armoury of any furniture hire UK company.

Almost every and any temporary event nationwide wide will call for some form of event chair hire, whether it’s conference chairs, dining chairs for a gala dinner, ISO chairs for an exhibition or Rio chairs for a corporate hospitality occasion.

In the UK, we are fortunate to have a host of companies that offer event chair hire in an abundance of different ranges, to suit all occasions. So, if you happen to be new to the events and hiring world, what are the top tips you should know when researching and deciding upon event chair hire.

Always try to work locally

We’re always encouraged to shop locally, and the same principle applies to the hire sector, for a number of different reasons. Firstly, and probably the most important for you, is price. Pretty much every chair rentals company in the land will base their transport rates according to the distance from their distribution centre to your event venue. We’ll look at this in more detail shortly, but suffice to say there can be big differences!

Also, if you deal locally, you may also be able to visit the furniture hire company and go into their showroom, if they have one, to choose between the various styles of chairs available. You may also be able to meet the person responsible for your account or order in person – you never know when a solid working relationship will come in handy when things don’t go 100% according to plan for you in the run-up to your event.

And finally, don’t forget that the fewer miles travelled by you to and from your event venue and to and from your supplier, and your chair hire supplier delivering and collecting your equipment, means that you can reduce the carbon footprint associated with your event – after all, this is something that we ALL need to be aware of.

Choose an event chair hire company with different styles

Whenever you come to buy or hire anything, it’s always nice to have a choice, and the same applies here. It’s nice to have a selection of event chair hire styles that you can choose from, rather than being dictated to by the hire company as these are ‘all they have available’.

Put simply, the larger the event chair hire company, the more chance there is of you have different styles of chairs available for your event or occasion or, even better, different colour options of your chosen chair style being available, with Chiavari chairs being a classic example of this here at easyEventhire.

Make sure they have the right quantity

Whilst this might sound like an obvious tip, it’s really important, especially if you are holding your event or occasion during one of the peak times of the event season, such as the summer or at Christmas. The last thing you want is to have a mish-mash of chairs in your venue – you want them all to match up! Only the big UK event chair hire companies will have large enough quantities to be able to service multiple events at any one time. And remember, always order as early as possible to avoid disappointment!

Check they can deliver & collect…at an affordable price!

We briefly mentioned this earlier on in the article and suffice to say that the further you are away from your preferred supplier’s HQ, the more expensive your transport rates will be, and vice-versa. But let’s go one step back – does your chair hire company actually offer a transport service? Or will you need to go and self-collect and return? Whilst this will save you paying any transport fees, you’ll need to ensure that you have a large enough vehicle, as well as paying the cost of fuel and the cost of your time. It’s worth weighing everything up.

Ask if the chair hire company can also provide a set-up service

And finally, one thing that might be really useful for you when deciding on which chair rental company to use, is asking if they can provide a set-up service, especially for large volumes of chairs, usually in their hundreds or thousands. This will save you a lot of time and effort if you can get your selected UK chair hire company to supply the chairs to site, and then set them up to a pre-determined plan or schematic. Yes, this is likely to cost you an additional fee, but it’s probably money well spent, especially if you don’t have the manpower to do this yourself.

So, hopefully these tips above will help you when the time comes to choose event chair hire. And, when this time comes, don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order online 24/7 and put your faith in the hands of the experts!

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