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What are the 10 best ideas for a birthday party?

Check out today’s article from the experts at easyEventhire about what you could do for your birthday party – there’s some great ideas here!

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In today’s blog, we take a look at some of the most popular birthday party ideas, for both adults and kids. Let’s face it, things have moved on from the jelly and ice cream days-of-old, so let’s take a look at what some people are organising for a birthday party in the 21st Century!

Classic themed birthday party

Whether it’s a super-heroes themed kids party or adults James Bond 007 or 1920s Great Gatsby birthday party, everyone loves to get dressed up and into the groove. If it is an indoor or outdoor party for adults, make sure that you’ve got the right glassware – everyone knows that James Bond likes his Martinis shaken, not stirred, and you definitely need to hire Champagne saucers for your 1920s event!

Mix your own cocktail party

More so for the adults, of course (though you could include kids by letting them mix some ‘mocktails’), mix your own cocktail parties are great fun, and you’ll be amazed at what spirits some people will blend nicely together! If you’re doing a simple version, then simply buy some spirits and put them on the table. Or, you could push the boat out and choose mobile bar hire for events. There are plenty of companies out there offering mobile cocktail bar hire, with or without drinks, so get onto Google and search for ‘mobile bar hire near you’, and away you go!

birthday party
Dare to be different with your birthday party plans this year!

Pizza party

What better way to get everyone involved than a top-your-own pizza party outside. Even better if you’ve got a pizza oven, where freshly baked pizzas are the order of the day. Pizza ovens get so hot that they can cook pizzas in less than a minute, so do keep this in mind if you’ve got little ones around. The effort is most certainly worth it in the taste, beating shop-brought pizzas and even takeaway pizzas hands-down!

Bouncy castle party

Is this mainly for kids, or adults? We can’t decide! Everyone loves a bouncy castle, but make sure that the majority of the bouncing is done before the food is served!

BBQ birthday party

The original and the best! There’s no doubt that a BBQ birthday party is a firm favourite here in the UK, and they always smell amazing! The only thing that can put a dampener (quite literally) on a BBQ event is the great British weather, so always check the forecast well in advance and have some gazebos to hand if all else fails.

Cheese and wine evening

If you thought that these evenings had died out in the 1980s, then you’d be wrong, as they are making a comeback! Why not treat your guests to some fantastic wines and cheese that they can nibble on during the evening. And, if you want to take it to the next level, have some mystery wines available that your guests can drink – everyone likes to think of themselves as a bit of a wine connoisseur, so let’s see if what they can taste really is in the wine itself, or are they just bluffing?

Retro birthday party

Get the 80s and 90s dance classics on the Alexa and dance the night away! Nostalgic tunes always go down well, and what better to reminisce that returning to your favourite decade…for one night only!

Sports party

Why not meet down at the local park and have a sports afternoon and evening, followed, of course, by some food on the portable BBQ and some refreshing drinks. Football, rounders and cricket are all favourites that can be played and enjoyed by most!

Breakfast brunch

How about treating your friends to brunch at your place, washed down with some Prosecco or other fizz. It’s a great way to start off the day’s festivities!

A day with the family

And last, but by no means least, let’s not forget that we all live busy lives and so there’s nothing better, for some, than to spend the day with their family, create special memories, wherever you might be.

Hopefully, some of these ideas might have given you some inspiration for your upcoming birthday party. And, if you need furniture hire, bar hire, catering equipment hire or anything else for your event, you can count on the experts here at easyEventhire to help.

Whatever you decide to do, we wish you a happy birthday!