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What are the benefits of hiring folding dining tables for big events?

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Folding table hire is an essential for pretty much any event or occasion. Find out why here!

folding table hire

Tables are an essential part of almost any event dining occasion – as essential as chairs! Without tables and chairs, there’s nowhere for your guests to be seated to enjoy the food delights that have been created by your catering. In this article, we look at the benefits of folding table hire for big events. In the hire industry, folding table hire comprises a number of different table styles, which we’ll look at shortly. Suffice to say, however, that folding party tables and chairs for hire are constantly in demand, throughout the year, nationwide.

From weddings and corporate dining events through to hotels, gala dinners and society balls, almost every event planner in the land will have folding table and chairs on their event furniture hire requirements list!

So, let’s have a look at the benefits of folding table hire for events.

Folding table hire comes in different shapes and sizes

There’s no doubt about this! If you are an event planner looking to hire tables for your event, then you can choose from a wide range of tables with folding legs – round banqueting tables, square and rectangular trestle tables, oval banqueting tables and more – there’s a whole host of different sizes and shapes of event folding tables from furniture hire suppliers in the UK.

Readily available = affordable

And, because of the immense demand for event tables, any furniture hire supplier worth their salt will have tables with folding legs as core lines in their product range. This plentiful supply added to the high demand means that folding tables represent one of the most affordable items of hire equipment – great for you as the event planner! Ultimately, every little helps when it comes to keeping on, or even below, budget!

Matching linen is easy to find

Related to the fact that folding tables are readily available is the other fact that matching linen is always easy to find. Of course, there’s a whole range of different shapes and sizes of trestle tables and round dining tables available. However, demand is such that linen hire companies will offer the complete range of matching tablecloths to suit all of these shapes and sizes – and usually also in a range of different colours.

The larger event hire companies such as easyEventhire, for instance, will be able to provide linen as part of their range, so you can get everything from the same place. However, there are plenty of specialist linen companies out there, which you’ll be able to find with a simple Google search.

Easy to transport & position on site

Folding tables are great for event hire companies who have to store them during the year, and then transport them to and from site. Once on site, folding tables can easily be positioned where you want them. Round tables, because they have folding legs, can simply be rolled on their side to what you want them, and then you fold out the legs when in-situ. Some companies offer trestle tables in wheeled stillages, depending upon how many you order, so that also make life easier.

Save space when storing on site

Hiring furniture involves you taking delivery of it, and then returning the furniture. This obviously doesn’t happen immediately before and after your event, and so sometimes, you need to store furniture until it’s ready for use. Tables with folding legs are ideal, therefore, as they save space on site.

Fold away between afternoon and evening to transform room

And, in a similar vein, a lot of wedding venues, for instance, use the same room where the wedding breakfast has been held, for the party and entertainment in the evening. If you’ve used table hire with folding legs, then it’s going to be ten times easier to fold the table legs down and move the tables into a storage room at your venue, rather than try to do this with tables with fixed legs.

Plenty of space for people’s legs

And finally, but by no means least, you might think that fixed-leg tables generally have more leg room for your guests than folding leg tables. This isn’t the case – round banqueting tables have plenty of leg room, just like any other table. With trestle tables, though, you might want to consider who you are going to position at either end of the table, as this can sometimes be slightly restrictive.

So, the next time you are looking for folding table hire London and across the UK, don’t hesitate to browse our complete range online. We offer a nationwide service at affordable prices, and our team is here to keep life simple and hassle-free. We very much look forward to working with you on your next event or occasion!

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