What is the best outdoor party furniture hire?

Read today’s blog about the best outdoor party furniture hire products on the market – and enjoy the summer!

outdoor party furniture hire

If going to big parties seems like a distant memory sometime way back in the past, like it does to us, you’d be forgiven for being desperate to blow off some steam. Lockdown was difficult for everyone, with Government restrictions seemingly never ending, though for obvious reasons. With the July 19th date for lifting COVID-19 restrictions now looming large, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to return to some sense of normality in the not distant furniture…and this includes party time, with outdoor party furniture hire!

outdoor party furniture hire
Choose your outdoor party furniture hire items wisely to achieve a fantastic result

The reality, of course, is that we will have to learn to live with COVID-19 in the years to come. Whether we think twice when we go to kiss or shake hands with a stranger, or whether we subconsciously organize more outdoor events than indoor events now that ‘hands, face, space‘ has been etched into our brains will be interesting to see.

So, looking ahead to some big outdoor parties, here are some ideas on the best outdoor furniture hire products that are available in today’s hire market at affordable prices, helping to turn your outdoor event from being good to being great! Check out these outdoor party furniture hire options…

Bench & table sets

The obvious piece of furniture hire for big party is picnic benches. You will find traditional wooden picnic benches for hire for outdoor parties from most furniture hire companies as part of their standard range. That said, it depends upon how many you need. If it’s anywhere up to 50 or so, you may well be able to source all from the same company. If it’s more than 50 you need, as a guideline, you might need to be hiring from different furniture hire companies.

Why? Because these wooden picnic benches take up a huge amount of storage and so most outdoor party furniture hire companies will only have a maximum of 50 or so, unless they are of course a dedicated picnic bench hire company that offers nothing else! At the same time, the market has developed in recent years and so you can now also hire folding picnic benches from easyEventhire, for instance, which fold to flat, making them easy to store and transport and, therefore, a cost-effective option for both the hire company and you as a customer.

Bench and table sets, of course, are more than just picnic benches. Tipi weddings and outdoor events regularly use a rustic wooden table and bench seats, the type you might find at a beer festival or Oktoberfest-style event. It doesn’t matter if it rains on this outdoor party furniture hire product – it’s designed to be robust! These table and bench sets are ideal for buffet style dining, hog roasts or eating delicious foods from the catering vans on site.

Outdoor rattan furniture

So, once you’ve taken care of the bench seating, why not move onto the more relaxed areas, where your guests can enjoy a drink and socialize with friends and family or, in the case of a big corporate event party, where they can network and close that all-important business deal. Outdoor party furniture hire doesn’t get much better than outdoor rattan furniture sets, which are not only comfortable, but also look super-stylish.

easyEventhire, for instance, offers a range of different styles of outdoor rattan furniture, many of which are modular, meaning that you can configure the sets how you want them. They even come with comfortable cushions to complete the look! Affordable outdoor rattan furniture is certainly a popular choice within our outdoor party furniture hire range here at easyEventhire!


Of course, for family celebrations outdoors, don’t forget the kids, and outdoor beanbags are a great option to provide some comfortable, informal seating where the kids can hang out, away from the boring adults! Kids outdoor party furniture hire doesn’t get any better!

Patio heaters

As the heat from the summer sun starts to fade in the evening, why not hire outdoor patio heaters to position around your venue. Running off cylinders of patio gas, patio heaters for hire from easyEventhire are available in a range of different styles, sizes and capacities. All have real-flame finishes, adjustable temperature control and are available in the quantities you need.


And finally, whilst perhaps a commercial catering BBQ wouldn’t be classed as ‘furniture’, we couldn’t write this article without mentioning these. OK, we’ve all got a BBQ at home, but normally this is set up to cater for a family or two – certainly not for hundreds of people at a time. Check out our 6ft propane-powered catering BBQs, which offer you the capacity to be able to cater for large volumes of people at any one time for hours at a time!

As we return to normality, we’re sure that our range of outdoor party furniture hire will continue to be popular here at easyEventhire, as it already is. One word of advice of course is that in the summer months, demand for outdoor party furniture hire is huge and so whenever possible, always try to place your order as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

When the time comes, whether you need outdoor party furniture hire for your family celebration or big corporate family day or outdoor hospitality occasion, be sure that you can visit easyEventhire and place your order 24/7 with confidence, safe in the knowledge that our team is here working tirelessly behind the scenes to help you create unforgettable events and occasions.

Enjoy the summer, whatever it brings, and let’s put a smile back on our faces again – it’s long overdue!


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