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Why are Chiavari chairs so popular in the UK?

Today’s blog from the team at easyEventhire looks at the popularity of Chiavari chairs in the UK.

chiavari chairs

Every event planner wants to make their particular occasion super-special. And, ultimately, that’s why Chiavari chairs are so popular in the UK. That could be the end of the shortest blog in the world, right here, but let’s actually have a look at it in more detail.

There must be solid reasons why Chiavari chairs are the chairs of choice when it comes to weddings and events. So, what are they? And if you’re already getting confused between Chiavari chairs, Chilvary chairs, Chivari chairs and Chivalry chairs, don’t worry, they are all one of the same thing, with the correct name being the Chiavari chair.


First and foremost, it’s all about the styling. Open any bridal magazine or go onto Instagram to check out luxury weddings or, indeed, any wedding, and you’ll find Chiavari chairs in-situ. It’s the classic, timeless look, and every bride has that special look in mind for the special day!

These types of chairs have a mix of vertical and horizontal batons – also known as spindles – on the back of the chair, and they have been the wedding and event chair of choice for many years. That’s not to say it always needs to be the same, though – why not dare to be different!


Because of the high demand, you’ll also generally find that Chivari chairs are available at almost every chair or furniture hire company you can find in the country. It is a standard line, and the most popular. easyEventhire, for instance, has tens of thousands of these Chiavari chairs in stock, enabling us to service multiple events at any one time.


The chances are that if you’ve seen a Chiavari chair at a wedding, then it was probably the limewash version. This ‘distressed’ or aged look is very popular at traditional wedding venues and, as a result, is the most popular of all. That said, the bigger chair hire companies in the UK will offer other colours of this chair style, as it’s not just weddings where they are used.

You’ll also find Chiavari chair hire at corporate hospitality events, award ceremonies, gala dinners and society balls, for instance, and so why not go down the route of gold, black, silver or even transparent ghost Chiavari chairs, to create a unique and contemporary look!

Seat pads

The great thing about these wooden, stackable chairs is that you can usually choose your seat pad colour, choosing from a range on offer from your chair hire company. Choose from gold, black, blue, green, ivory, burgundy and others here at easyEventhire, enabling you to match up your chairs with other furniture and existing wedding or event decor.


And finally, the price. You’ll usually find that Chiavari chairs are one of the most affordable chair hire types in a range, even though they are the most popular. And it’s this popularity that drives the price downwards. As a result of the high demand, added to the fact that the market is highly competitive, you can get some great deals on Chiavari chair hire nationwide.

So, hopefully the above information goes some way in helping you understand what makes Chiavari chairs so popular in the UK. And, when the time comes for you to hire Chiavari chairs, rest assured that the team here at easyEventhire is here to help and assist.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order online, and put your faith in the hands of the experts – you won’t be disappointed!