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Why are place cards necessary at a wedding reception?

Read more about the importance of table place cards at your wedding, as well as table and chairs for banquet events and weddings.

table and chairs for banquet

Weddings are joyful occasions, celebrating the love between two people. These special occasions also bring together the respective families of the couple, many of whom may have never met before. Of course, the larger the family, the more chance there is of this happening!

Cousins, uncles and aunts, and even friends of the family are all present to join in the celebrations, and what better way to do this than enjoy a wonderful wedding breakfast together, and then a few drinks at the event reception.

This is one of the reasons, of course, why round tables are usually the table of choice at a wedding reception – so that people face each other, and it makes it easier to socialise, especially if you’re on a table with people you have never met before. Table and chairs for banquet events and weddings is important, as you can see! At least you’ve all got something in common, though…

With lots of different faces at a wedding, therefore, it’s important that your guests know where they have to go and at what time. After all, many weddings run to a strict timetable, and there are so many wedding traditions and etiquette to bear in mind! And never is this more important than when it comes to the wedding breakfast – in other words, the wedding feast!

You’ll want your guests to know where they are sitting and with whom. There are two ways that this is normally communicated, used almost without exception.

The first one if to have the seating plan on a wooden easel or poster, for instance, at the entrance to the dining venue. This enables your guests to have a glance whilst they are enjoying their reception drinks, for example, or even as they are entering the dining venue. This seating plan will show the layout of your dining venue as well as some table numbers or table names. Once your guests are inside, then all they need to do is look for the table number or name – this makes life much easier!

Many couples choose to use a simple numbering system, whilst others adopt a table name system. Examples of this might be destinations that the couple have visited together, names of pets that they have owned, or even the names of close friends and family who can’t be present for whatever reason. These table names are often considered to be the preferred option, being as they bring a more personal touch to proceedings. And remember, the more personal touches you can introduce to your wedding, the more chance there is of it being even more memorable.

Whichever you choose, table numbers or names are printed onto cards, and then these slot into table number stands which are usually chrome stands, around 30cm in height, and which are freestanding in the middle of the dining tables.

The answer to the question of why table names are important, therefore, is for a simple reason – so people know where to sit!

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