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Best 10 practices for wine glass hire to elevate your special occasion

Elevate your special occasion with the top 10 practices for wine glass hire, ensuring every toast is memorable, and every sip is savoured. From selecting the perfect style and size to suit your wine selection to understanding the nuances of handling and placement, these expert tips promise a seamless, sophisticated experience for all your guests.

Hiring wine glasses for your special occasion can add an elegant touch that enhances the dining experience and complements the celebratory mood. Whether it’s a wedding, a formal dinner, or a sophisticated cocktail party, the right wine glass hire can make each toast more memorable and every sip a delight.

Many of us used to hire wine glasses from the supermarket, as this was a free service that they offered when you purchased a certain volume of wine from them. This practice, seems to have disappeared, and so hiring wine glasses from a company like easyEventhire, however, provides the most cost-effective way of doing it.

Here are the top 10 practices to ensure you make the most out of your wine glass hire, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated experience for all your guests.

Match the glass to the wine

Not all wine glasses are the same! Different wines flourish in different types of glasses. Red wines generally require larger bowls to allow the wine to breathe, enhancing the flavour profiles, while white wines are best served in smaller, more upright glasses to maintain cool temperature and aromatic precision. Ensure you choose the glass style that best fits the wines you plan to serve.

There’s no precise science, but you’ll notice that most ranges of glassware will include a white wine glass, a slightly larger red wine glass and a matching Champagne flute, enabling you to create table settings with matching glassware, and that’s the reason why.

Consider the size of the event

The number of guests will directly influence how many glasses you need. It’s good practice to hire a few extra glasses beyond the number of attendees to accommodate for any accidental breakages or extra rounds of toasts. The last thing you want to be doing is having to wash used glasses and get them sent straight out, in the middle of your event. No thanks!

Quality matters

Choose high-quality glassware that not only looks elegant, but which also feels good in your guests’ hands. Premium glassware can enhance the overall wine tasting experience, reflecting the value you place on your guests and the occasion. Today’s event glassware hire market is rich in supply and choice from a number of suppliers nationwide, of which easyEventhire is one, of course, so you are blessed with options!

Check for cleanliness

Upon arrival, check all glassware for cleanliness and clarity. Any residue or marks can detract from the wine’s appearance and taste. If necessary, give them a quick polish to ensure they sparkle under your event’s lighting. Leading glass hire companies such as easyEventhire will have robust processes for tableware in between hires, using industrial washing machines and thorough checks to ensure that everything is table-ready upon arrival.

Proper handling

Make sure the handling of wine glasses during transport and setup is done with care. Proper handling will minimize breakage and maintain the pristine condition of the glassware for your event. It might be worth using your hire company’s delivery and collection service for hire items such as glassware, as responsibility for the items only passes to you upon arrival!

Appropriate storage

Before the event, ensure your wine glasses are stored safely in a clean, dry area. This will protect them from dust and any other contaminants that might compromise the wine’s taste. Wine glasses for hire and other glassware will usually come to you in protective crates, which also stack on top of each other.

Timely delivery and collection

Coordinate the delivery and collection timings with your hire company. Having the glasses delivered well in advance of the event starts allows time for any necessary cleaning and setup, and late collection prevents the need for rushed clear-ups.

Table placement

When setting the tables, place the wine glasses in the correct order—usually just above the knives to the right. Proper placement not only enhances table aesthetics but also makes it easier for guests to reach and handle their glasses.

Educate your staff

If you have staff serving wine, ensure they are knowledgeable about which wine goes in which glass. This is particularly important for events serving multiple types of wine.

Offer a variety of wine glass hire

If you’re serving different types of wine throughout the event, consider hiring a variety of glasses to match. While this might add a bit to the complexity and cost, it significantly elevates the drinking experience and shows a sophisticated understanding of wine.

So, that’s our 10 best practices when it comes to wine glass hire which we hope will save you some time, money and effort when the time comes. Glassware hire should never be expensive or problematic – easyEventhire is here to keep life simple and affordable when it comes to all event equipment hire, and so put your faith in the hands of the nationwide experts today!