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Check out this article about chair hire nationwide, and which events call for which chair types!

chair hire nationwide

The amount and variation of event types for which chair hire nationwide is required is almost endless, and impossible to list in a mere blog article.

However, we thought we’d take a look at some different types of chairs available right here online at easyEventhire, and how they are ideal for some different event types.


Festival sites can be vast, and there is always a huge amount going on. With thousands of visitors in attendance, it’s important that these are suitably catered for, especially in the catering zones, for example.

Folding chairs are a great example of chairs that can be used both indoors and outdoors, and which are the most affordable of all. Folding chairs are designed for temporary, short term seating, so perfect for festivals and other outdoor events!


The folding chairs outlined above, on the other hand, might not be well suited to a company conference, where you are asking delegates to be seated for lengthy periods of time. Conference chairs, as a result, are typically more robust and sturdy, with padded seats and backs. For an example of this, check out our conference chairs here online at easyEventhire.

Corporate hospitality event

Another example of a great chair hire nationwide option is the Rio chair. These chairs are perfect for stylish corporate events where first impressions count! You can choose from a number of seat cover colours, including purple, blue, grey, olive green, biscuit and many more, providing you with the ultimate smart chair hire option!

Garden party

Knowing how temperamental the British weather can be, garden party chairs need to be of the outdoor variety, and so hardwood chairs are the ideal choice.

That said, in today’s outdoor chair hire market, there is a world of choice, which also includes aluminium chairs and other sets such as Nova chair and table sets, for instance, from easyEventhire.

Exhibition / trade show

These are professional events, often costing a lot of money for the exhibitor company to attend, and so when you hire chairs for these events, they need to reflect your corporate image. Why not check out the ISO chair as a great option, with its polished metal frame and cushions on the seat and back in a variety of different colours.

Fashion show

Designed to be cutting-edge and leading the way when it comes to trends and fashions, the chairs – albeit a small consideration – need to reflect the overall look that you are trying to achieve. Why not check out the transparent Banquo chair here at easyEventhire, or indeed, the ghost Chiavari chair as another option – these look great!

Weddings always need chair hire nationwide

And finally, you’ll have heard of the Chiavari chair – this is the classic wedding chair which is in huge demand across the country throughout the year, and it wouldn’t be a blog about chairs if we didn’t mention them! There are also lots of blog articles around the subject of Chiavari chairs, if you want to read more about them.

Hopefully, the information above has provided you with useful info about chair hire nationwide. And, when it comes to this, we’d love to think that you’ll pay us a visit here online at easyEventhire, where we provide a premier chair hire nationwide service.

Don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order online 24/7, safe in the knowledge that you are working with the experts!


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