How can we organise an outdoor wedding on a budget in 2022?

Read today’s blog from easyEventhire if you are looking to organise an outdoor wedding in 2022.

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Dare we say now that we have seen the back of COVID-19? OK, it might be a bit too early to say for sure, but weddings are definitely back! Demand for wedding venues in the UK, and for those most sought-after summer Saturdays of the year, have seen huge demand since lockdown. Unsurprising, really, as the plans and dream days of couples all around the country had to be abandoned during the pandemic.

For couples, their wedding represents one of the most special days of their lives. However, it can also represent one of the most costly as well!

That’s why many couples are being more creative with their plans in terms of date and venue, as demand continues to thwart the plans of many. Outdoor weddings are one example of this. Who is to say that a wedding has to be along the lines of the traditional white wedding in an English country manor house? Yes, this is what you see in the glossy bridal magazines and on Instagram, but there are no hard and fast rules here. Make your wedding day personal and special to you as a couple, and so in today’s article we look at how you can organise an outdoor wedding on a budget in 2022.

Research your venue options

With demand for outdoor weddings on the increase, so too is the availability of different wedding venues. Remember, just because you want an outdoor wedding doesn’t mean that you have to hold it in the garden of an expensive wedding venue in the countryside. Barns, castles, manors, by the side of lakes and even on the coast are just a few examples of where you can have an outdoor wedding. If you, as a couple, have a love of the great outdoors, then it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to come up with a place outside that is going to make your dream outdoor wedding venue.

Choose your date wisely for your outdoor wedding

Naturally, if you are holding your wedding outdoors, then the weather has to be a factor in your decision-making – after all, that’s why dates in the summer are most popular, as in the UK that’s when you have the least chance of rain. It’s amazing, however, how often it rains on ‘summer’ Saturdays – nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the great British weather! However bullish you might be about this, however, you need to have a plan B and make sure that if you need some cover, it is available. This might be in the form of a marquee or a series of gazebos or quick tents, for instance. Don’t worry, there’s a large range of equipment on the market that you can buy or hire, exactly for this purpose.

Formulate a guest list personal to you as a couple

Invite guests to your wedding who are special to you as a couple, not who you think you ‘should’ invite. You could seriously cut down on numbers for your outdoor wedding if you do this – and potentially upset a few people – but it’s your day, so your guest list should be down to you, and you alone!

Hire outdoor furniture

Once you’ve hired your outdoor wedding ‘venue’ – wherever this might be – your thoughts then need to turn to furnishing the space. After all, you’ll have guests who need to be seated during the ceremony, and then the chances are that you’ll be having a party of some description where you’ll need chairs and tables, maybe some comfy outdoor rattan furniture, garden furniture, benches and maybe even some patio heaters to keep the chill off the air when the sun goes down. Outdoor wedding furniture hire is available in lots of different types at national event hire companies such as easyEventhire, for instance, and at great prices. Simply Google ‘outdoor furniture hire near you’ and you’ll be presented with a series of options from which you can choose – after all, outdoor furniture hire has never been easier! It’s also a great way to save a few quid at the same time!

Have informal catering for your outdoor wedding

Who is to say that your wedding has to have formal catering, such as sit-down 3-course meal? This can be an expensive business, and so why not check out other catering options such as a hog roast, fish and chips, or maybe even a wood fired pizza oven van, where all your guests can enjoy a pizza with their own favourite toppings. In the grand scheme of things, you’ll find that this is a much more affordable solution than a sit-down meal, whilst also providing that air of uniqueness and individuality, that may well best suit you as a couple.

Personal touches cost the least

With any wedding, indoors or outdoors, you can save money by producing your own special, personal touches. This could include the invitations, table names and table favours, for instance. Guests LOVE this sort of thing, as it shows that you really value their presence, and these touches really do go a long way to personalising your wedding and making it even more memorable.

So, is it possible to organise an outdoor wedding on a budget in 2022? Yes, definitely, and there’s already certainly plenty of happy couples already doing it.

If you need to hire wedding furniture for outdoor weddings, don’t hesitate to browse the easyEventhire website and place your secure order online. And remember, if you order more than 30 days in advance, you can enjoy a 10% discount off the price of your hire equipment!


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