Top 8 things I should bring to my boss’s house party

Check out today’s blog from the team at easyEventhire about what to take with you when invited to a party at your boss’s house!


For some people, when they get an invitation to their boss’s house party, it sends them into a flat spin. What should I wear? What should I take? Should I be the life and soul of the party, or should I rein it in a bit, as it’s a gathering for colleagues and management?

Of course, it depends upon the type of party that is being held, but suffice to say that you should approach this type of event with a slightly different mindset than a night on the town with your friends. Whilst your boss throwing a house party is a sign that they want to get to know their staff on a personal as well as a professional level, you might want to test the water first before diving headlong into the festivities!

It might be advisable if you follow some suggestions below when you go to your boss’s house party. Why not take a few minutes to have a read.


The first thing that you should ‘bring’ is punctuality. Always be punctual upon arrival, and make sure you leave on time. Leave the concept of being ‘fashionably late‘ to the showbiz parties in Hollywood. If you’ve been given an arrival time on your invitation, make sure you arrive on time – simple. Not necessarily early, but on time. This says a lot about you as a person – and, therefore, as an employee – in that you are organised and able to manage yourself in a timely way.

Suitable party attire

Depending upon the nature of the party, always make sure you are wearing suitable attire. If it’s a cocktail party, then dig out your best suit, tuxedo or party dress, and dress to impress! It might, of course, be an afternoon BBQ in the garden, and so check the weather forecast to see if you’re going to need to dress up warmer, through still relaxed and smart. Or, it might be an afternoon of garden games such as croquet, badminton, Jenga and giant Connect 4 – if so, go for comfortable and casual, so that you can take part in the activities.

If it’s a pool party, a towel and swimsuit

This is perhaps wishful thinking in the UK, but if it’s a pool party in the grounds of your boss’s house, then you’ll need to bring a swimsuit, a towel and some sun cream. Also, have a think about what you’re going to wear in the evening, as many of these types of parties take the format of the afternoon in the pool and then a party in the evening, so bring whatever you’ll need to dress to impress in a small additional bag.

A small party gift

It’s always a good idea, whatever the house party you are going to, to take a small gift for your host. If your boss enjoys reading, then why not take a book on the subject that you know that they are interested in. If they like to keep a well-stocked drinks cabinet, then take a bottle of something. If they have kids, then why not take a small gift for their children. To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t really matter too much what the gift is that you take – it’s simply a gesture of your appreciation for the invite into their home.

A contribution to the party food

And talking of contributions, always ask in advance if there’s anything you could bring to contribute to the array of food on offer. If it’s a BBQ, then you could perhaps bring a nice salad or dessert. If it’s a cocktail party, then maybe your homemade signature canape selection. Again, it’s the thought that counts – it’s always good to offer!

Participation – no tech!

Something else that you should ‘bring’ to your boss’s house party is your intention to participate in whatever the theme or concept of the party is. OK, so we’re not all the life and soul of the party, but by the same token, it’s probably not the best of ideas to be a shrinking violet in the corner, engrossed on your mobile phone. Your boss will want everyone there to be seen to be having a good time, so ditch the tech and engage with your fellow guests. It’s important to project your best, vibrant personality – after all, that’s probably why you got an invitation in the first place, and is certainly something you want to portray at this type of party.

A mental list of things to AVOID in conversation

Before you go, make a list of topics to avoid when it comes to conversation. OK, it’s fine to have an opinion, but you certainly don’t want to end up in an argument – after all, you have to work with these people, and so a harmonious relationship is always going to the best way forward.

Your party ‘A game’!

And finally, but no means least, bring your ‘A’ game. By this, we mean, put your best foot forward and endeavour to make the very best impression you can. This doesn’t mean try to be someone that you’re not, as you will have many positive personality traits that others don’t – simply engage with others, be enthusiastic, be interested in what others have to say, ask questions and bring your natural warmth and energy to the party!

Always take care when in your boss’s home that you don’t break anything or stain their best coffee table, for instance. That said, for larger parties, it might be the case that they have hired event furniture such as cocktail party furniture hire, garden party furniture hire and other party furniture hire, so the pressure might be off a bit! Party furniture hire is simple and affordable, with hire companies such as easyEventhire operating nationwide.

So, hopefully these pointers below will help you the next time you get invited to your boss’s house party. Remember, be yourself, but keep in mind that you are in a semi-professional environment.

Ultimately, though, if you be who you naturally are, then you’re sure to have a great time!