Today’s blog from easyEventhire looks at what to avoid when it comes to mobile bar hire in the UK.

mobile bar hire

Today, we’re looking at mobile bar hire, and things to avoid. The focal point of any company party is, inevitably, the bar. As a result, you need to ensure that the bar, and the surrounding area, is well-equipped, efficient and welcoming. Yes, it is a place for your guests to grab a drink, but it’s also the place to socialise, network and chat. And it’s surprising how many business deals are done at the bar!

Mobile bar units are available to hire from a variety of hire companies in the UK, with easyEventhire offering perhaps THE more comprehensive range of temporary event bar units in the country. Not only do we have an extensive range, but we also have quantities of bar units in these different styles available, enabling us to service multiple, different events at the same time around the UK. We’re confident that if you search for ‘mobile bar hire near you’, then easyEventhire will appear! After all, mobile bar hire has never been simpler, easier or more affordable!

Depending upon the type of company party you are planning, you should choose your mobile cocktail bar for party sensibly. It will also depend upon the venue where you are holding your party – is it traditional, or an ultra-modern venue?

The best mobile bar hire companies will offer you everything from sleek, stainless steel ZIP bars, through to LED bars, rustic bars and even traditional bars with the brass foot rail to complete the look! There’s a world of choice out there, so choose wisely.

Here are some faux-pas to bear in mind when you come to mobile cocktail bar hire, and more.

Don’t rent a bar that is too small (or too big!)

Size matters when it comes to your mobile drinks bar, and the size of bar you need will be determined primarily by the number of guests attending your company party, and the available space at the venue. Choose a bar that will sufficiently cater for the number of guests anticipated.

If you hire a mini mobile bar, and you have 500 guests, then you will have long queues, and so unhappy guests. Have a huge mobile bar in-situ, and it will look a bit silly. Just have a think about size, space and the availability of bar staff – after all, you will need enough staff to be able to offer a fast, efficient and professional service!

Don’t hire a temporary bar that is not in keeping with the decor or theme

We just mentioned the venue, and so it’s important that you choose mobile bar hire which is consistent with it. Having a traditional bar unit in a modern and contemporary hotel might look odd, as might a modern ZIP cocktail bar in a traditional venue with high, beamed ceilings. There are, however, no hard and fast rules about this, and so just take a look at the mobile bar hire ranges available to you and choose the best fit for your event, decor or theme.

Don’t rent an event bar with no room for fridges

Whilst you might have a fantastic bar unit set-up in place, there’s additional equipment for mobile bars that you will need. This includes fridges to hold your bottled beers, soft drinks, chilled wines and other drinks that you want to offer. Always remember to hire mobile bars with sufficient under-counter space for your bottle fridges. The larger, upright fridges can be positioned in the back bar area. Also, remember that visual merchandising can help drive profits when it comes to your bar, and so get your most profitable lines, and products you want to push, well positioned in your fridges, or on your back bar if you have one.

Don’t hire a mobile bar and offer a small range of drinks

Remember – not everyone wants to drink beer. The best event bars today offer the full range of drinks, suiting almost everyone. Yes, this will be beer, but it will also be wine, spirits and even cocktails if you wish! Make sure that everyone is well catered for!

Don’t choose mobile bar hire without accessories!

We’ve already mentioned the fact that you will need to hire bar fridges (and maybe even freezer hire as you’ll be needing ice), but what about glassware, drinks trays, corkscrews, bottle skips and ice bins, for instance. All these are examples of bar accessories for hire that could well be useful, and you’ll need to equip your bar staff with all this so that they can provide the best service possible.

Hopefully these ‘tips’ will help when you come to rent a temporary event bar for your next company party. And, when the time comes, we hope that you will check out our range here online at easyEventhire, where you can place your secure order 24/7 with the minimum of fuss and hassle. We provide a nationwide service at affordable rates, and so very much look forward to hearing from you soon!