5 most common mistakes in table hire for Nottingham events and how to avoid them

Identifying frequent errors made during table hire in Nottingham and offering solutions to ensure a smooth event.

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Known for its role in the Robin Hood legend, Nottingham is a vibrant and diverse city in the Midlands, and is home to over 330,000 people. There are lots of events in Nottingham that take place across the city throughout the year, both indoor and outdoor events, and so demand for party table hire Nottingham is always strong with the team here at easyEventhire.

When it comes to event table hire for Nottingham events, we aim to keep life as simple and hassle-free as possible. However, like other regions around the country, some people make errors and mistakes when hiring tables, and so we’re identifying a few of these below, and hoping that reading about these pitfalls in advance will help you save time, money and effort when you come to rent tables for events in Nottingham.

Assuming that ‘a table is a table’

OK, so tables aren’t the most exciting thing in the world to organise for any event planner, though you do need to get it right. Round banqueting tables might be right for a wedding, or probably not for a corporate event. Bistro tables might be right for a temporary catering zone, but not for a wedding. In today’s market, there is a huge range of choice when it comes to table hire for events, so take some time to consider what is going to work best in your event setting. In other words, it’s definitely NOT the case that one style of table fits every event.

Forgetting to hire tablecloths

And talking of different table styles, you need to remember that some tables will need tablecloths to cover them, whilst others will not. Round banqueting tables and trestle tables, for instance, have wooden tops, and so definitely need tablecloth coverings, especially if these are to be used for a dining event such as a wedding, gala dinner, society ball or other similar event.

By the same token, modern tables often have melamine tabletops, meaning that there is no need for a tablecloth. Think about what you are hiring, what type of event you are organising, and the look you are trying to achieve, and hire tablecloths accordingly.

Not worrying about table quality

Quality is everything when it comes to tables. OK, so you might have decided that it doesn’t matter that the tabletop is scratched because you’ve hired tablecloths, and this is a valid point. However, the table legs need to be sturdy and tight, not loose so that the table wobbles every time you touch it. All these are considerations when hiring tables in Nottingham and across the Midlands and the UK. You want to make sure you are working with a reputable and reliable event table hire company in Nottingham.

Not ordering from a local company

And talking about the reliability and reputation of a company, also look for a local company – one that has a base near you. Most definitely, this will help to ensure that you receive a proactive service if your plans change, and from a financial viewpoint, the closer your event location to your hire company, the lower any transport charges will be. So, dealing with a local event table hire company Nottingham is very beneficial! Just search ‘table hire company near me’ and easyEventhire will show up.

Not paying attention to matching chairs

And what good are tables without matching chairs? Again, the market is full of different styles of chairs, which go well with different table styles. To go alongside round tables and trestle tables, why not check out the classic Chaivari chairs and cross back wedding chairs. For bistro tables, check out Tolix chairs and ISO chairs as options. The world is your oyster when it comes to chair hire Nottingham!

So, hopefully this article has provided you with an idea about the potential pitfalls when you come to renting event tables in Nottingham and other event furniture hire. When the time comes, don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order online 24/7 with the experts at easyEventhire – we’re here to make life simple, affordable and hassle-free and so very much look forward to hearing from you soon.