5 most common mistakes when hiring wine glasses and how to avoid them

Uncover the 5 most common pitfalls couples face when hiring wine glasses for their weddings and learn effective strategies to avoid these costly errors. This article offers valuable insights and tips to ensure you choose the right style, quantity, and quality of wine glasses that perfectly match your wedding’s theme and requirements.

Like anything else, it pays to do your research when it comes to hiring wine glasses and Champagne flute hire. After all, you wouldn’t just choose the first option that you are presented with when you are buying or hiring anything else – you’d look around and have a look at what else is available, and make an informed decision. Couples looking to hire glassware for weddings, therefore, should take their time as part of their wedding planning and choose the right glassware rental to suit their particular requirements – this goes without saying.

There are some pitfalls to avoid when renting wedding glassware, and so that’s what we’re offering you today in this blog, below.

Not hiring wine glasses of the right type

It’s often the case that glassware is one of those afterthoughts – something that really doesn’t need much attention or consideration, and is often left until the last minute. However, you want your guests to be WOWED when they come into your wedding venue, and the quality of your table settings are a key element of this.

When we say ‘the right glassware’, we mean that there is an abundance of choice available in today’s market, whether it is white wine glasses, red wine glasses, Champagne flutes and other bar glassware, for instance. Done well, you will want a matching set of wedding glassware to include one of each for your event tables. Matching glassware hire is definitely part of easyEventhire’s offering when it comes to tableware rental, and so check out what we can offer.

Not ordering glassware in the right quantities

Another of the most common pitfalls when hiring glassware is to not order it in the right quantities. Let’s say that you know you want to hire Champagne flutes for the wedding reception. Remember, that you will need Champagne flutes at the start of the wedding reception, during the wedding reception and at the end of the wedding reception, to toast the happy couple.

So, make sure you order enough glassware to avoid the waiting staff having to be trawling your wedding venue to try and recoup the glasses so they can be washed, ready for the next ‘stage’ of your wedding venue. So, order a few more glasses that you anticipate needing. The price of glassware hire in today’s market is very affordable, so this really isn’t going to break the bank, but it WILL save you a potential headache.

Not ordering the right quality of glassware

We’ve all been served a glass of wine with a lipstick mark on it, or a pint of beer in a scratched glass. It really isn’t appreciated, and certainly won’t be by your guests, if you don’t ensure that you are working with a glassware hire company that guarantees quality. easyEventhire, for instance, ensures that all glassware and tableware is machine washed in-between hires, thoroughly checked and reliably counted to ensure that our clients receive the very best when it comes to quality, as part of our right-first-time commitment.

Choosing the cheapest glassware hire

Of course, we all like to feel as though we are getting a bargain, or at least getting value for money, and this is the same for glassware as it is for anything else. If you are looking around, then the chances are you will have 3 quotes in front of you – the cheapest, the one in the middle and the most expensive. If something is cheap, then it is likely to be cheap for a reason – and do you know what this reason is? Also, are you factoring in additional costs such as transport charges. It’s all well and good having a cheap unit price for a wine glass, but the event glassware rental company is charging you a premium for transport, then the actual price doesn’t work out to be too favourable, does it?

Not working locally

The final pitfall, that we’ve just touched on above, is that couples choose a hire company that is some distance from their wedding venue of choice. Put simply, the closer you are to your hire company, the cheaper your transport rates will be. So, work locally to achieve the best overall price. And, as an added bonus, a local hire company will be able to provide you with a more proactive service if your plans change nearer the time. Simply search for ‘glassware hire near me’ and you’ll find some local companies, including easyEventhire which operates from a nationwide network of regional hubs.

We hope that this article has provided you with some insight into the potential pitfalls that might arise when hiring glassware for weddings, and how to avoid them. When the time comes, don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order online 24/7 with the experts at easyEventhire – you won’t be disappointed.