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party catering hire

Parties and celebrations are happy times. Birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions are fun-filled and attended by friends and family, all of whom have a great time. And, as a result, party catering hire is always in demand.

At the same time, there are also parties that take place on a much larger scale, such as corporate parties, company Christmas parties and other occasions that are often attended by hundreds, if not thousands, of guests. Indeed, some arenas around the country in December hold Christmas party nights for 2,000 guests and more, which in itself is a feat of logistics!

And, when it comes to catering for a party, it very much depends upon the size and scale of the party itself. Where is it being held? Is it a private party at home, or a large scale corporate party? How many guests are you expecting? Will it be a formal, sit-down dinner, buffet or canape event? All these are questions that will help you formulate a plan.

In this article, we’re looking at how much does catering cost for a big party. But, with so many factors at play, it’s impossible to provide a definitive answer to this. Suffice to say that you want to get to the point of costing it out per head, so that you can then sell tickets to guests or, for smaller events, work out how much the party is going to cost you!

So, if the starting point is working out the cost per head, what sort of factors do you need to consider?

Party catering hire can be expensive

Well, are you catering the party yourself? Or are you planning to hire in a professional caterer. Of course, the size of your party plays a part here, but suffice to say that if it’s a small family celebration or gathering, then you’ll probably be doing it yourself. For larger parties, however, professional caterers are on hand to take care of everything for you. They also work on a price-per-head basis, depending upon your guest numbers and what you want to serve.

If you’re lucky, they will also take care of all the hire equipment you need for your temporary event such as party cutlery hire, party hire catering equipment, and other party equipment hire that you might not have thought of. Glassware, crockery, tables and chairs and other hire items need sorting well in advance – after all, the last thing you want in the lead up to a large party is to be worrying about whether your equipment is going to arrive in the right quantities at the right time, or even whether it is going to arrive at all!

Hire party catering equipment from a trusted supplier

This is where working with a professional hire company comes into its own – one that you can trust and one that will deliver what and when they say they are going to deliver. easyEventhire, for instance, has nationwide distribution centres, providing you with a local, personal service, and which also helps to reduce transport costs to and from your event venue. This local presence also ensures that any last minute changes can usually be accommodated.

So, only when you know all the associated costs to your event will you be able to decide on a ticket price to charge your guests.

As you can see, it’s not straightforward, with so many factors to consider. Seasoned party planners will have this all down to a tee. However, for newcomers to the industry, we’d suggest getting a checklist and budget in place in the early planning stages, which will help you keep track of everything!

And, when the time comes to sort your party catering hire, we’d like to think that you’ll check our product range online right here at easyEventhire. Our team is here to provide you with a seamless, affordable and hassle-free hire experience, and will welcome the opportunity to work with you on your upcoming party or occasion. Browse and hire securely online 24/7 – you won’t be disappointed!

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