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Top 10 amazing decorations for a great party

If you need to know about the top best ideas for party decor, just read this article and Google ‘party hire equipment near me’!

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We all love a good party! Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary party, corporate party to celebrate the year’s results or a party for your employees, these are always enjoyable occasions.

Everyone comes to a party hoping for – and expecting – a great, fun time. With this in mind, therefore, as the party planner you need to make sure that the scene is set, to enable this to take place. Event and party equipment hire can be a key element of this.

In today’s blog, we take a look at the top 10 amazing decorations for a great party. What can you use to create that special WOW factor?

Many of the items below can be found by Googling ‘party hire equipment near me’ or ‘birthday party equipment hire’ for example. This will provide you with some search results from your local area – a great starting point!


When it comes to party decor, flowers are often a must. You can obviously go down the fresh flowers route, but there are also some fabulous quality luxury silk flowers available in today’s marketplace, which you can use time and time again – these are certainly worth considering.

Fairy lights

Nothing looks better than twinkling fairy lights at a wedding venue, for instance. Some can buy fairy lights that are powered by mains electricity or by battery power, and these are all affordable, bearing in mind the quality of finish that you get!

Light up letters or numbers

Why not have your birthday age up in lights, or a MR&MRS sign, for instance, at your wedding. These illuminated letters and numbers are usually 4ft-6ft in height and simply plug into mains electricity, which lights up the LED bulbs. You can have these on a stage at the front of your party venue, or down one wall at the side – they will not only look great, but will provide a superb photography backdrop for you and your guests, helping your party event to live long in the memory!


The marketplace for party balloons today is hugely diverse, from standard blow-up balloons through to helium balloons in numbers, letters, messages and special shapes. These surely a must-have!


Whilst the eating of the cake will be a highlight, position it somewhere prominent in your party venue, and it will provide a focal point for proceedings.

Banners, buntings & signs

Whether it’s a celebratory message, coloured flags or other signs, decorations such as these go a long way.


Lots of photos of the special guest whose party it is, or photos of the happy couple at different stages of their relationship are always popular, and provide a talking point amongst your guests.

VIP posts & ropes

Everyone likes to feel special and welcome when they attend a party, and VIP posts and ropes provide a stunning look for your entrance foyer or area. You can hire red ropes with chrome poles from the team here at easyEventhire at great prices.


Ambient lighting is crucial for any party event. You might want to hire a professional AV company or try and do it yourself for a smaller party. Whatever you choose, go for lots of colour, which will help to get your guests into the party mood!

Bar & dance floor

Both of the these provide a focal point for your guests. Ultimately, everyone congregates around the bar area for a chat and a drink, and then go and dance the night away on the dance floor. These are must-haves for parties, and you can hire event bars and dance floors in the style and size you need right here at easyEventhire. Party hire equipment for adults, such as this, has never been simpler!

Whatever the type of party you have in mind, don’t hesitate to browse the complete range of party hire equipment right here online at easyEventhire. We have something for everyone, available at great prices, nationwide Place your secure order online 24/7 and put your faith in the hands of the experts – you won’t be disappointed!