Explore the essential guide on selecting the best table and chair hire in London. Delve into top considerations, from style to budget, ensuring your event’s seating matches the capital’s sophistication and your unique vision.

table and chair hire in london

The city of London is awash with fantastic events, from weddings, corporate events, award ceremonies and a whole host of others. Iconic, historic venues across the city lend themselves perfectly to events and, as a result, table and chair hire in London is always in high demand.

So, with this in mind, let’s look at our top 10 tips for choosing the perfect table and chair hire in London so, when the time comes, you are fully aware of what to look for.

Defining your audience defines your table and chair hire requirements

Of course, not all events are the same and, as such, not all table and chair requirements are the same. It might be that you need the classic Chiavari chair and round banqueting tables for your gala dinner. Or, as an alternative, you might want rustic chairs and vintage trestle tables for that more ‘industrial look’. So, define your audience and your type of event which will, ultimately, determine the furniture style that is going to be most appropriate.

Think outside the box

We’ve all been to events where the tables and chairs are almost identical to the last event we went to of this type. However, there’s nothing to say that you have to stick to this – why not dare to be different! Yes, the Chiavari chair is the classic and the most popular in the sector, but there is, today, a whole array of different chair hire designs which would also fit the bill – you never know, some of these might be slightly cheaper as well, helping you to bring in your event on or below budget!

Hire locally

It’s really important to choose a table and chair hire company in London which is close to you. Not only does this reduce your transport costs, but it also means that if things change at the last minute, then your chair hire company can provide you with a quick turnaround. Let’s face it, things don’t always go 100% to plan, so you need a plan B!

Don’t under-order or over-order

One of the many pitfalls when hiring furniture in London is that you either under-order or over-order. If you under-order, then you may have to pay additional transport charges for an extra delivery. If you over-order, then you’re going to be paying rental on chairs and tables that you don’t need. Yes, it’s a fine balance, but careful planning and definition of numbers will ensure that you don’t find yourself in this situation.

Consider colours carefully

Did you know that you can often choose rental furniture in line with your brand colours or logos, for instance? Chiavari chairs and other banqueting chairs for hire in London come with a range of different seat pad colours. OK, it might not be an exact match, but this enables you to colour co-ordinate at the very least. Likewise, tablecloths are available in a huge range of different colours, and so why not make this option work to your advantage.

Work with trusted suppliers

The last thing you want in the lead up to a busy event is to be worrying about whether your tables and chairs are going to arrive in the right place and in the quantities or, worse still, if they are going to arrive at all! The sector for table and chair hire in London is professional and extensive, and so work with a reputable supplier that you have heard of or with which you have worked before. Trust is all important!

Do you need table linen hire?

We’ve already mentioned linen, so suffice to say that there are many linen hire companies in London ready to assist you. Tablecloths in today’s market are now more than white, ivory or black – there is a whole spectrum of colours available, so choose what you need to be fit the styling of your event.

Communicate access requirements in advance

When it comes to table and chair hire in London, you will need to communicate things like parking restrictions, access restrictions, lift accessibility and so on to your chair hire company in advance. This way, there are no hidden surprises, and you won’t be liable to pay any parking charges!

Nurture the working relationship

A professional working relationship is worth its weight in gold, and this applies to everything in our business lives, and so chair hire and table hire is no different. The closer your working relationship, the better the chances of great service!

Enjoy your occasion

And finally, during the event itself, take a few minutes to step back and enjoy the occasion. Appreciate all the fruits of your labour and take some photos for your own portfolio as well as for your social media channels. You’ve worked hard and so give yourself a big pat on the back – you’ve earned it.

When the time comes for you to choose table and chair hire in London, don’t hesitate to browse our site and place your secure order online 24/7 with the team here at easyEventhire. We’re here to keep life simple and hassle-free and will welcome your contact. We very much look forward to working with you soon.