Top 5 tips for when organising catering services for your clubhouse party

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There are over 6,000 amateur sports clubs in the UK. You name it – football, rugby, cricket, bowls, cycling, tennis, and almost anything else, the UK is rich with these sorts of small clubs, usually run by an army of volunteers. Grassroots sport depends and relies on these institutions, and there’s no better pastime, for many, than to enjoy sport with their friends.

From an event point of view, the majority of these sports clubs will hold one or several events through the year, a lot of which call for catering. And when the time comes to organise these events, hopefully the tips below will help you save time, money and effort. After all, it’s not simply about glassware hire and other incidentals!

Let’s take a look at what you need to have in mind.

Define your event

What sort of event are you planning in your clubhouse? Is it the end-of-season awards ceremony? Maybe a summer or winter ball, where the club extends the clubhouse with a large marquee attached to the main building. Or maybe it’s the juniors fun-day, where parents and their kids can enjoy each other’s company, whilst trying to get new recruits for the season ahead.

Whatever the event, some kind of catering will be needed, and for these examples just mentioned, that could be anything from coffee machines and water boilers through to a BBQ or a full sit-down 3-course meal, by professional caterers. If it is the latter, then make sure you spend some time with your caterers to ensure that they have bought into your vision, and the type of event you are trying to create. You never know, they might even do a food tasting for you in advance!

Check you have all the equipment you need

Many sports clubs have their own bar, and some even have their own catering facilities and catering equipment such as tableware in the form of glassware, cutlery and crockery. However, they may not have the quantities required to cater for the hundreds of people at their summer ball, for example. In which case, you’ll have to ask the caterer to sort it for you, or alternatively, you can source it yourself. Here in the UK, we’re fortunate to have a whole host of equipment hire companies where you can source what you need – pretty much anything and everything!

From party glassware hire, cocktail glassware hire for the reception drinks, and even luxury glassware hire for the beautiful table settings you have created, you can hire in the quantities you need. Companies such as easyEventhire, for instance, provide a nationwide service at great prices, and our team is always on hand to provide you with a seamless hire experience from start to finish. You can really push the boat out, and make your clubhouse look exquisite!

Set a budget, and stick to it!

We all know how easy it is to get excited and run over budget, especially when organising an event. A little extra here and a little extra there adds up to a lot extra! Make sure your caterer can work within your budget. If it’s a ticketed affair, then you’ll know in advance how many people you are expecting (give or take one or two due to illness and other last minute commitments). Make sure your revenue exceeds your costs – that way, your sports club will financially benefit, which, after all, is the whole purpose of these types of events!

Build a relationship

Always try and build a good relationship with your caterer – it’s amazing how beneficial this can be. Of course, it might be that you work with the same caterer year after year, in which case this long-standing relationship will be valuable to you. For others, though, it might be the first time of working together, so get to know each other in the planning stage and work together to ensure a successful outcome.

Enjoy the event!

And ultimately, whichever catering services you choose, the end game is to enjoy the event. We all know that planning an event can be hard work, time-consuming and stressful, so it’s only right that you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Kick back and relax, soak up the ambience and enjoy the event – you deserve it!

So, the next time you need to organise catering services for your grassroots clubhouse party, don’t forget to revisit this page. And remember, if you need to hire equipment, you can do so right here online at easyEventhire – browse and hire securely online 24/7 with the experts – you won’t be disappointed!

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