Check out today’s blog from the team at easyEventhire about outdoor chair hire for your outdoor wedding!

outdoor wedding chairs

Picture a wedding in your mind. Does it involve a country manor house, lots of guests dressed up to the nines, a tiered wedding cake, classic cars and lots of formalities? (ps, we’re pretty sure it won’t involve organising outdoor chair hire!)

Yes, you’re picturing the traditional, classic wedding which is, still to this day, hugely popular in the UK. And, after COVID affected the wedding industry for a couple of years, weddings are now back in full flow, with demand for the best wedding venues at an all-time high.

And, with many couples finding that their preferred wedding venue is already booked, we are seeing an increase in the number of outdoor weddings taking place.

But, what should you know about having an outdoor wedding? We’re all familiar with a traditional wedding, and what happens, but what about an outdoor wedding? Hopefully, the guidance below will help you decide whether an outdoor wedding is for you, as a couple, or not.

It can’t just be anywhere!

Whilst you might think that having an outdoor wedding means that you can hold it anywhere, you would be wrong. OK, whilst the laws and regulations have become more relaxed over the years as to where you can hold marriages and civil ceremonies, in England an outdoor venue can only get a licence if it has a fixed roof, such as a grandstand, orangery or summerhouse, for instance. It’s always worth knowing the legalities!

It’s not always cheaper

You might think that having an outdoor wedding HAS to be a cheaper option, and it’s fair to say that this is usually the case, but not always. If you are using a traditional wedding venue for a ‘normal’ wedding, then the venue will have special arrangements with preferred suppliers who service that particular venue. They may even be able to pass some of these discounts onto you. If you are holding an outdoor wedding, then you’ll probably be having to organise everything from start to finish, including the catering, the outdoor wedding furniture hire and so on, and it’s likely that you’ll have never had to do this before! It might cost you a little extra, that’s all we’re saying!

It definitely provides more flexibility

The flip side to having to organise everything is the fact that an outdoor wedding offers you complete flexibility. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll have more space and that timings won’t be as tight.

You can get creative

Flexibility such as this means that you can get your creative juices flowing. Let your imagination run wild, and dress your outdoor wedding venue how you want it to be as a couple. This might include natural decor such as shrubs, flowers and heathers, for instance, even through to festoon lighting to give your wedding the festival vibe, if that’s what you’re into. The world is your oyster!

It will be loads of fun!

Flexibility also means fun. It also means that you can make it even more personal to you as the happy couple – it is your day, after all.

Hopefully, the pointers above will help you when the time comes. And, when it does, we’d like to think that you’ll pay a visit to us here at easyEventhire, where we can provide you with outdoor wedding chair hire in a number of different styles, all at great prices. You’ll find that outdoor chair hire has never been simpler, and we very much look forward to contributing to your special day, albeit in only a small way.